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    Abu Dhabi
    Tuesday, July 23, 2019

    Jobs Titel Investment Analyst
    Jobs Company Finance House
    Jobs Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Experience: Mid-Level

    Minimum experience of 3 years in portfolio/investment management in the region

    Industry:  Financial Services, Investment & related in Banking


    MBA or equivalent education, training and work-related experience /CFA

    Job Description

    Department:   Investment

    Reporting to:   Managing Director

    Job location:   Abu Dhabi - UAE

    Key Role Responsibilities

    Investment in listed equities/fixed income/alternative investments; Screening investments based on fit with investment criteria and regular monitoring of portfolio and recommending buy/sell based on market scenarios
    Asset allocation and investment recommendations across a wide spectrum of asset classes based on suitability and regulatory guidelines
    Analysis and execution of specific investment ideas to achieve the optimal rate of return possible within prudent levels of risk and liquidity
    Continuous evaluation of investment objectives, methods, techniques, policies and compliance, and to ensure optimal portfolio management
    Monitor investments on a regular basis and prepare periodic reports to the management/Investment Committee

    Key Requirements

    Financial statement analysis
    Understanding of equity and debt capital markets
    Basic understanding of the portfolio management and asset allocation techniques in line with risk assessments and exposure limits
    Ability to identify investment opportunities
    Understanding of different markets and business models
    Financial modeling skills
    MS Excel and presentation skills with valuation experience (DCF, Comparable Companies & Comparable Transactions)
    Seniority level
    Mid-Senior level
    Employment type
    Job function
    Financial ServicesInvestment Banking